Saturday, September 23, 2006

More ZEN than ZEN

As we saw death approach us, we had to pick one of two choices. Stand up and fight, or throw all our baggage and run. Run like the wind. So we decided to stay and fight. The grim reaper! When the battle began, it ended. We realized that we were fighting none but ourselves. I am life. I am the spirit. I am not the body. I am not the mind. I am not the emotion. I am not who I am. I am the soul. I am he who is everywhere, I am he who is nowhere. I am ubiquitous. I am all pervading. I am time, I am space. I am the seas, I am the rivers. I am the skies, I am the air that you breathe. I am the sad song on a lonely evening. I am the smile on the new parent’s face. I am the tear in every eye. I am the memory in every head. I am the lesson that everyone learns. I am the mile in every smile. I am the cloud in that same very sky that I am. I am the free bird that flies. I am the breeze that blows on your face. I am the dance to every song. I am the string of every guitar. I am the first second. I am the voice of the mother that sings to the child. I am the rose on every grave. I am the blade of grass that grows so slow. I am the sunrise. I am the moon. I am the planets. I am the stars. I am the worm. I am the hand that feeds the world. I am the night. I am the day. I am the dawn. I am the dusk. I am the friend that no one had. I am the enemy that no one wants. I AM NOTHING.

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Ramya said...

Well, more confusing!