Monday, January 07, 2008

jibber jabber and realization

Well, i wonder why the title says Daft! Actually i don't. Hmmm. So, another year rolls by. As time passes by, i trun my head and look around at all the events and people that have passed me. So many of them, causing me to think and behave in so many different ways along these years. There was this guy- Girish i think. Intersting chap. We were good buddies probably about fifteen years ago. Lost touch with him long long ago. Then, there were others who came and went just like the waves. Each one bringing something and taking something with them, but always leaving a memeory to remember. Again, when i think that something is permanent, I am gently reminded that i am wrong. College buddies leave one by one. Each one of us will be gracing different parts of the world. Only time will tell if we are ever destined to meet again and be together. The ways of the world are strange to the logical mind. Yet, there is an intutive or even instinctive feeling that there is a higher logic than what the human mind- so trained to think intellectually, can comprehend. The longing to experience all these realms that one is only capable of reading right now gets more intense by the day. Everyday, commonplace events dont seem to fill that void. I am now reminded of a famous Beatles song that goes- " There are places i remember, all my life, though some have changed. Some forever, not for better".
As i sit here, thinking of the past(Not living in the present- as we all are so often told to do), i see how difficult it is for a person to keep a promise, to not tell a lie, to be honest, to be dispassionate, to be committed, dedicated and so on... I am now reminded of this talk given by a certain someone about discipline. Discipline is required for that which does not seem to be pleasurable at the very outset. Until the practice becomes a part of oneself, it requires discipline. I have no idea why im putting this down, but i just am. Maybe, it will help further the conviction i have in it. Maybe, someday when i read it, i will be reminded of it and will change my mind about something! This now leads me Possibilites. The possiblities in this universe are ENDLESS!!! Why do we often limit ourselves by eliminating possibilities! Ah!! there's no point to such musings! Time to stop the intellect from working and time to start Realizing!!!