Friday, August 17, 2007

So long!!!

What can i tell you, as I'm standing next to you!!! On every street- Dire Straits. This is a happy blog.. Wow!!! I never thought i would ever get here! But hey, here i am! after musings on Love and broken hearts and lamenting lover songs, moods of wandering minstrels and depressed tears! Im glad to say that I am in a happy place! come to think of it, i always was in a happy place. Just that i refused to acknowledge it! Living in a world of self- victimization is futile. Life's too good for that. After all, what's the point in being sad?! Its paradise! Life is what you make of it! you wear yellow shades and look at the world- everything is just going to be plain yellow! throw those damn glasses away and you see clear! OK! im not going to beat around the bush! Being single has been the best thing that has ever happened to me this year! I have soooooooooooooo much time for myself now and it just feels great to not be obligated to do something! why worry! there should be laughter after pain, there should be sunshine after rain, these things should always be the same!!! i could just scream out of joy!!!
Well, why is that i am here after such a long time?! I dunno! maybe the fact that im such a collosal prick has something to with it! Well, frankly i dont give a shit!
Im at peace! Finally!!!! At peace with people, at peace with myself, with past situations! Im finally at peace!!! I can really say now that the past is not cluttered up in my head! I do wake up with memories of the past on some mornings, but they do not drive my emotions through the rest of the day! WOW! Nice going buddy! OK, now im talking to myself!!! uh oh, the song im listening to is sayin- a denial!!! Naah!!! no signs or crap!!! Life is going so good! sometimes i dunno if its a dream! how do i know that this is all real? What if this itself is a dream and i am yet to wake up!!! AH! lets not get into that now! Im absolutely enjoying work! Its so creatively stimulating! The music scene is going good! And with sync, i like it just the way it is!! poi- fect senor!!! HAPPY DAYS!