Wednesday, October 11, 2006

In South Africa

The journey has been made! im here! in South Africa. The journey was long and tiring. Coupled with the flu, things were getting really difficult! The six hour stop over in Dubai was good. The glamour and the Glitz.... Phew... Just at the airport.. but what made it really good was the two hour conversation that i had with a man from Fiji.. He and his friends were returning back home from Iraq. They were serving in the peace keeping force and his friends were injured. Its compulsory for the men of Fiji to enlist in the service for a specified period of time. That conversation taught me that we all are no different from each other. I always knew it. But at that moment i realised it! Life takes us all, down similar paths. its how we walk that path that matters! anyways, im getting charged like crazy for this internet time. so will come back in some time to chronicle my thoughts.

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