Wednesday, September 13, 2006

What's the Time?

Time and tide wait for none? Time is the fourth dimension? Time is the ultimate healer? Looks like time is quite important. Time lost cannot be got back. Time is eternal. Time is actually an immeasurable quantity. It is absolute. It is blasphemy to divide it into units. However, some things have to be done no matter how wrong they are. We know of the three dimensions- Length, breadth and height, or our three axes. Time is the fourth dimension? John Gribbin explains it quite well. Are wounds meant to heal? Does time really heal wounds? I beg to differ. Time does nothing to heal your wounds. It just makes you numb to the pain. The wounds however remain raw and every once in a while, when you let your guard down, time steps back and you feel the pain. Healing those wounds in your prerogative, not time’s. With time, as you get used to the pain, you see that there is no point in leaving the wounds raw. A major chunk of this realization comes from the fact that beyond a certain Time, you realize that the only person who will be left licking their wounds even after eons will be you, and that is because you keep victimizing yourself. The more you victimize yourself, the longer the wounds remain raw. With the passage of Time, our friend- the fourth dimension teaches us that there is no point in victimizing ourselves. It is like the early morning coastal sunrise. It reveals all. So time is not the healer, but the attractive entry sign to the healer’s. It lures you into forgetting the past and helps you make that crucial choice of wanting to be healed. Some however revel in victimizing themselves. For them I have no words. If those neuralisers really worked, it would be amazing.

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Good work on this one.. you write really well man..