Sunday, September 10, 2006

Nothing in particular

Seeking Inspiration from Sid, i commence with this. I see this as not just being able to reach out to people who might stumble on what i say or write, but also as a means to chronicle my thoughts. However allowing people to look into my thoughts is a little intimidating. Anyhow, lets see how it goes. As far as realisation goes, one is that money is one of the most primary things inlife. However, a key factor when it comes to it is not to be enslaved by it. As they say in the verbatim- roti, kapadaa, makan. A gross translation would be like this- food, clothing, shelter. Money is needed only for these. It is avariciousness that probably leads to most disputes. Cravings for control over people, situations and even entire nations is driven by the greed for power and money, and in the current scenario, the former can be bought with the latter. What can be done about it, you ask? How about an uprising? How about teling them that such things will not be brooked. We are not to sit by and watch the dog getting stoned(no pun intended). Food for thought!

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