Saturday, September 05, 2009

Food is Good

So, as my preparations for getting more independent begin, I have started with that which is dearest to me!!! What is that? FOOD!!! I have started to slowly cook. Now this may not be that great to hear, but I have started to actually make Chapatis. Right from making the dough, to beating it and rolling it into a near circular shape and then onto the pan and into the stomach! Its what an engineer would term as 'end to end process knowledge'! It is only then did I realise the amount of detail that actually goes into making something as simple as a Chapati. The water quantity, the salt, the mixing and beating of the dough and rolling it into small little balls and finally rolling it out into near perfect circles!!! Being someone who has always only recieved food, I never knew the 'intricacies' of cooking!!!
The next time around, I started to experiment a little with dosas. Now, those who know me well, know that I would rather eat dosas for breakfast, lunch and dinner than spend a week on a tropical island with a beauty contest winner!!! Sometime ago, my mother had made a different kind of dosa which was really super soft and tasted really good too! I inquired into the nature of the change in the dosa and she said they were wheat based dosas! Now, I'm not going to give out the recipie, but they are really amazing and I learnt to make them! Hopefully, someday, I will be able to use these amazing South Indian fast food recipies on my travels and wow my stomach!!!

As someone who I know said; "Yummy in my Tummy"!!!

Jai Gurudeva

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