Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Last evening was spent hunting for the perfect cassette player for the Kriya Tape. I have seen most of the teachers having a philips player and was wondering if that was the preferred brand of Art of Living teachers. I personally have always preferred Sony. After walking up and down many a store, did I realise why!!! Philips is small in size (perfect for my backpack when I travel, and can play tape, CD and DVD)!!! Sony on the other hand is powerful, but the one that plays VCDs and DVDs is not portable. The one that plays only tape is super compact and powerful, but obviously does not play anything else!

So, after walking up and down, I realised I needed a philips player which wasn't available in any store at that moment. I need to wait for another ten days. Mum is also looking for a player! She has officially been announced as the second teacher for the Vidyaranyapura center. Happy days!

I have got my relieving letter from Kennametal and settlements have been made. I am yet to collect all my books and other stuff from there. I should go there today and settle that! My car is up for sale. So, anybody who stumbles onto this piece, let me know if you are interested!!! Picture of the car and details will come up soon...


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