Monday, July 13, 2009

Kamalashile - part 1

Bliss!! Bliss!! and nothing but Bliss!!! 5 days of bliss at Kamalashile. When Chayanna walked in to the hall on the 7th, it was not just a sight to see, but an experience in itself. Many of us had the experience of seeing the Lord Shiva Himself entering the hall. Chayanna was Pure Fire!!! After the Guru Poornima celebrations, Chayanna asked us to go to the temple after the temple visit, as we were coming out, He saw me and said, "Ah, come come"! I officially entered a parallel world at that moment. After that, I was fortunate enough to hold the umberella for him as He walked back to His room. The next half hour was spent in general discussions of plans in the near future etc., I then remembered that I had got a Veshti (dhoti) and Thundu (towel) for Him. Excusing myself for 5 minutes, I ran up to the room where I had dropped my luggage and brought the 'stuff'! Another 15 mins spent with Chayanna and He instructed me to go and have lunch. After Lunch, started the honour of serving lunch for Him. Its always great great fun serving while Chayanna eats!!! Its just a simply superb feeling!!!

That evening, the satsang was mind blowing! The mind really got blown and we transcended all the levels of existence and were taken to the higher plane! The responsiblity of bringing Chayanna's Keyboard to the satsangs and taking it back at the end of the satsangs was given to me!!! Wow! That would ensure that I would be able to meet him personally atleast twice every day!!! After satsang, that evening, I also had the honour of meeting Sri. Aravind Hebbar! His voice is amazing! The devotion, the way it flows when he sings, WOW!!! Plus, he sings in C#!!! Later that night, I went back to my room, which I was sharing with the famous Vaidhyaji, the great DSN teacher; Jagadeesh Shastriji, the ever cheerful Rajashekarji. Somewhere after about 15 mins of lying down, our dear friend, Sudee (Sudarshan) walks in and asks us all to vacate the room as a couple of ladies from Bangalore had just got there and they needed the room. So, off we went to the main meditation hall where the Guru Poornima Yagya and happened and happily fell asleep, till about 3 in the morning! It had started to rain and the temperature just dropped down. It was collllldddd!!!! But then, Chayanna's words of, "Sarvam Guru Mayam" popped into my head, brought back a smile and off I went to sleep again! The next morning, Ravi and Chidananda (Chiddu) were kind enough to wake me up and I went off to take a bath. The water was chilling to the bone. But then again, "Sarvam Guru Mayam"!!! It really is a mantra that enables one to withstand anything"!!! The advanced course had just begun. More on it in the next post...

Jai Gurudeva



Shruthi Srinivas said...

Wow!..You right amazingly well :) :)
Refreshed my memories.

Jayanth said...

thanku!!! All you guys have been the inspiring force!!!

Ashwini said...

You write very well! Keep it up! JGD