Thursday, July 16, 2009

Kamalshile - Part 3

After a good two days of rest, Im feeling slightly better. Hence, continues the Kamalshile 'k'ronicle! On day two, I realised that there were some bathrooms where warm water was available! So, off Ravi and I went again, early in the morning at 5 something, with full vigour just to realise that the early sadhak gets the bathroom!!! There was nice small queue! So, Ravi and I queued up in front of the 3rd door ( had a nice chewing gum blob stuck onto it to cover a hole), wondering why no one else was in front of that particular door! After about 15 mins, we realised why. The person on the inside, was not someone who was willing to 'let go' of the bathroom. He was quite slow, unlike a hmmm.. shall we say, a Suzuki!!! By now, quite a few of us gather outside the door. Ravi changes doors and we continue to wait, patiently knocking on (heaven's) door. Finally, lo behold it opens! Quick bath and I rush up to the hall to get clothed. The hall is almost full with people doing their various stretches and breathing exercises and a few excited aunties trying to communicate with each other in sign language! First session done and my knees are already killing me. Its just day two of the course and Im already silently looking out for a chair. Sumptuous breakfast is followed by the second session for the day! More celebration and more silence (except for those sign language aunties though)!

Next, lunch! Then more silence! Makes me want to say, Silence'er' followed by silence-est! After that, lovely Kashayam!!! Followed by the grandest nature walk ever! We first climbed the hill. Took short cuts. Ravi just took too much time. So I just left on my own and it started to rain. Taking shortcuts through the hill, I managed to get to... "The mouth of the cave", where Kanasu and gang were waiting for us. There, at the mouth, stood a beautiful tulasi(basil) plant. The tulasi is worshipped around India for its connection with the godess Saraswati and also because of its medicinal nature. There is a small almost bus shelter kind of a construction right outside the cave where we all left our umberellas and other accessories! The guide insisted that we leave our footwear quite far away! The Guide who took us into the cave, was a really really funny guy! Also, a very kind hearted person whose language of the heart more than made up for his lack of knowledge of the english language. "25 people only in one group". He was firm about it. At the end, there were about 40 people in our group! The place Kamalashile gets its name from this very cave! I had a very Indiana Jones feeling as I walked into the cave!Holding a lamp, helping all the people go in!!! "Into the caves", I shouted in my head, imagining myself to be the host of "The crystal maze"! The cave just kept going into the ground. Most of the cave was completely wet due to the rains, but there was one dry spot which we were told was the place where a lady ( I forget her name) sat and meditated for 11 years. As we went in deeper, we reached a place where the water was knee deep! Wading through that water, we got to the other end and surprisingly, the earth there was really really soft. Someone held the lamp up and only then did I realise, we were standing on about a foot of 'bat droppings'! "Sarvam Guru Mayam" again!!! The bats, according to our guide, were featured on NatGeo recently. They belonged to a particular variety of bats that thrived on blood, but only the ones from this cave, did no harm to any creature because they were in the home of the Divine Mother! Then came the darkest moment. All the lights were turned out and all of us were given a 'glimpse' of what a blind person goes through. About 100 mts under the earth's surface, and it was DARK. The climb out of the cave was quick. As we were walking back, I suddenly realised it was getting late and off I went. There was no 'fire on the mountain', but run run run I did. I made it in time to get the keyboard, take a bath, have dinner and sit at the satsang!!! Bath was an epic event in itself. As I stood waiting for the gates to open, Ravi joined in. As we stood wondering what was behind door number 3, I thought I could see our friend Suzuki!!! Something made me step aside for a while, while Ravi started to intensify the knocks on the door. All of a sudden, SPLASH!!!! A mug of cold water was thrown out from behind the door on Ravi's face that almost sent him sprawling onto the floor! Everyone waiting there had a really good laugh!

Day two of the course was coming to a draw. That night we all had a special blanket that we were provided with. A blanket that no wool or material could surpass! A warmth that nothing else could provide. A sense of security that no walls could provide. That night, I went to sleep with a smile on my face that no boxer could knock out!

Jai Gurudeva.

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Shruthi Srinivas said...

Oh god!..I can never forget that trip to that mysterious cave..and also how our guide put forth the message "To donate our Eyes"'s all worth